WONDERLAND: Alice Adventures was created with the support of 4Culture. (Really - they are the bestest.)

WONDERLAND is a priceless theatrical park adventure inspired by and adapted from Charles Dodgson’s (Lewis Carroll) Alice stories, as well as his rhymes, word games, chess and math puzzles.

This immersive interactive event weaves together theater, music and giant games, intersecting with fanciful theatrical encounters.
Installed in a public park or community space, WONDERLAND plays with the whimsy and genius of Dodgson’s work as well as the audiences' imaginations and perspectives.
Weaving together large events (like a living chess game, an outsized croquet set or tic tac toe game), theater (circus arts, puppetry, scenes and songs) and interactive art, a path of story points is created.
The goal is to conflate ‘play’ and ‘art’ together, and to remind viewers of all ages of the power of childlike, playful thinking and celebrate the upside-down logic inherent in Dodgson’s 'nonsense' works. By following characters down a performance path, getting clues from gossipy flowers, or seeing tiny private performances, participants - like Alice- will see their world with fresh eyes, and by following their own ‘adventure’ as it were, audiences become creators themselves.
Additionally, audience members are encouraged to bring picnics, take photos, create drawings, sculptures or poems based on their adventure. These can be shared via social media, a webpage or texted to anyone anywhere in the world to view.
An adventure in WONDERLAND will continue to engage the creative imagination long after the sets have been struck.