TRYING TO TELL PEOPLE exactly what an 'urban family reunion' is like with complete strangers, or describing the logistics or pathways of park adventures, or even gauging the impact of our poetry projects is daunting - so here are a few videos to illuminate it.
Also - look for the Make A Wish videos under EVENTS, as those are excellent examples of what we can create with other visionaries.

The Adventures of OWL & PUSSYCAT is our FIFTH theatrical park adventure created for parks and gardens and interesting landscapes, and packed with wit, puns, a rolling pea-green boat, musicians, squolphins (dolphin-esque critters on scooters) and poetry on the fly. The Adventures of Owl and Pussycat illuminate the adventures of love, as well as a love of adventure for Owl & his amour, Pussycat. Fur, feathers, and puns will fly. (Pigs will not.) Hijinks ensue! - Guaranteed.

WONDERLAND: Alice Adventures, originally created in 2011, is inspired and adapted from Charles Dodgson's Alice Stories, as well as Dodgson's mathematics, riddles and puzzles. An all-ages event, theater, riddles and visual arts weave whimsically together within a parkland, playing with the creative perspectives of imaginations of all sizes.

PARK BENCH - Adelaide, Australia 2007
the debut of our mobile interview outpost happened during the Adelaide Fringe, when we parked our bench around the city. This was the first of 32 (and counting) podcasts.

TRAILER TALES: Public Art- Haiku Laundry Line from Caravan Chronicles - a Public Art Family Reunion
read by students and participants from Urban Myth Theatre for Youth in Adelaide, AU
edited by Monique Kleinhans