The Elephant's Child

by Rudyard Kipling 

A Just So story told with masks and puppets, adapted for young audiences by theater simple. (one of our classics!)

Because of his “'satiable curtiousity”  - "sensational curtsies!" - the Elephant's child acquires a loooooooong trunk! 

theater simple, renown for their treatment and adaptations of literature,  render this Kipling classic to the stage in a production especially for young or new audience members. 

Using physical comedy, masks and old-fangled storytelling techniques, two actors tell the story of the Elephant's child - with the help of the audience.  Meet the elephant's child and his family, the bi-colored python rocksnake, and of course, the Crocodile on the journey to and back from the great grey green greasy Limpopo River. 

This is an excellent introduction to live theater for the exuberant young person, and an exuberant event for the young-at-heart accompanying their smaller friends.