PARK BENCH is theater simple's mobile interview outpost where we invite people to have a seat and have a chat.


COVID CONVERSATIONS is a globally-sourced PODCAST SERIES During A PANDEMIC... We are looking for AUDIO SUBMISSIONS FROM YOU.  First topics include VOTING, and opinions on CITIZENSHIP and ART - and how the current situation intersects with these ideas. SPEAK UP! Join us! Click the COVID Conversations link above to find out more. Deadlines for audio submissions 

  • the word/idea of 'CITIZEN' - 11/13/20 
  • CREATIVITY in Isolation - 11/29/20

PARK BENCH is a USUALLY a change of perspective that looks a little like a rolling hill that arrives into an urban environment (a mall, a parking space, or as part of a public event) and asks passersby to consider and share their thoughts while sitting and observing their present situation. Right now - we're hanging at home, on the phone.
PARK BENCH hopes to capture, through a series of friendly interviews a small snapshot of a neighborhood, a destination, or a community landmark, perhaps revealing a philosophy about where we are and how we got there. Conversations are recorded, edited in context, scored with music and made available to the world. In fact - we have a whole page devoted to our PODCAST PLAYER and ALL EPISODES, and would love to have you click over!
With PARK BENCH, people discover, sometimes in the moment, how they feel about issues – discovering ideas or opinions they have not even articulated before now…  an extremely accessible way to see and hear ideas, musings, dreams Park Bench helps discover an interesting, unexpected aspect of a community, and how life is being lived there.

take me to the podcast!

take me to the podcast!

PARK BENCH - a podcast-powered interview outpost