The Adventures of Owl & Pussycat

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The Adventures of OWL & PUSSYCAT began touring various parks in May in Orlando, Florida.
Taking their nautical start on the grounds of the Mennello Museum of American Art, the crew has now navigated thru farmer's markets, heritage Earthworks, around the botanic garden for the Army Corp of Engineers and over a covered reservoir. (Not to mention navigating the crowds and generating ad hoc parades at Bumbershoot.) 

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theater simple’s newest all-terrain adventure concocted for parks and gardens with help from the community~  discover a family-friendly interactive theatrical park adventure that explores ideas and stories as you meander along. (Armed with wits, plenty of puns, and a ukelele)
The Adventures of Owl and Pussycat illuminate the adventures of love, as well as a love of adventure for Owl & his amour, Pussycat.
Fur, feathers, and puns will fly. (Piggy will not. He might dance, though)
Hijinks ensue! - Guaranteed.

All-encompassing, haiku-generating and visually a stunner, these Adventures are for everyone with a curious mind, a generous heart and a playful love of words.
“The Owl and The Pussycat went to sea in a Beautiful PeaGreen Boat…”
The Adventures imagine various escapades that happen between the lines of the famous poem. Landing somewhere between Lear's imagination, a Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon and the actual park where you see the performance, audiences discover an unknown history created by brainstorming the phrase 'what-if…' mashed-up with Shakespeare, vaudeville, music and the many creative artists, who create this experience.

These Adventures are an excellent community-building event, linking together many groups for a common delightful goal.

(Want to know more about the INDOOR version of Owl & Pussycat? Click HERE!)
These ADVENTURES are very flexible  - designed with the idea that presenters can also customize Owl & Pussycat adventures to suit their performance needs for interactive excitement. For instance, a full-day children's festival, or inside a larger public event. Or at libraries!
FOR INSTANCE - For the Kirkland Performance Center, we developed an Interactive Poetry Workshop and Tea Party : A two-hour interactive arts workshop With readings of Lear’s poetry, drawing activities, and wordplay. Poems will be written in the air, as well as on paper. (Haiku for everyone!)
Teatime includes opportunities to visit the characters and create of a haiku wordstorm of LoveBrellas to display in the lobby before the Owl & Pussycat performances.

and for Youngershoot (the youth component of Seattle's famous BUMBERSHOOT festival), theater simple developed POEMS AND PARADES, further developed for Edmonds Center for the Arts KidStock! as Owl & Pussycat's POEMS, PUPPETS AND PARADES Escapade (because the 9' tall giant puppets are neat.)
For friends ages 4-84, POEMS, PUPPETS and PARADES introduces participants to different types of poetry, rhythms that can make it fun, and word play nonsense. All participants are invited to help create a haiku wordstorm, called LoveBrellas, and paraded with the giant puppets thru the event.
Lots of fun, lots of poems and puns and LOTS of photo ops with the giant Owl & Pussycat puppets!
Hope you can play with us!