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In-theater, out of the box and around the world – Come. Play.

Riffing on the Edward Lear nonsense poem, the escapades of Owl and Pussycat (as told by Turkey and Piggy) illuminate a love of adventure and the adventures of love.
A combination of performance styles and storytelling techniques mash up gleefully with ukeleles, pirates and crowd-sourced storms.  Fur, feathers, and puns will fly, but Piggys will not. (unless as a pirate)
theater simple has been making unexpected & innovative theater since 1990, and has been touring around the country and the world since 1991.  We are touring veterans on a global scale. But this time, OWL & PUSSYCAT are setting sail for Boise and other points East.  Our bottom line 'rules' are: 1) the audience is smart and creative.  2) “Simple” does not mean easy.  OWL & PUSSYCAT is rigorously imaginative, and accessible on many levels for many ages.
“Inspired, original, clever work”– Adelaide Advertiser, Australia

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Relentlessly adorable.” CityArts Magazine, Seattle
Clever - the cast has us rooting for O&P. Can these two crazy critters work things out?
Orlando Sentinel
OWL & PUSSYCAT is a 55-minute indoor show, excellent for all ages. 
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Think ~ Edward Lear meets Rocky and Bullwinkle, crossed with your smartypants best nerdfriends...
A raucous riff on the Edward Lear poem, Owl & Pussycat is story about telling stories, friendship and imagination.
Complete with a ukelele, Shakespearean couplets, a pea-green 'boat', and audience assistance, these high-energy escapades of Owl & Pussycat (as retold by Piggy and Turkey) will illuminate a love of adventure and some adventures of love, and the stories found BETWEEN the lines of the famous poem.

With contributions by Elaine Avila and Vince Delaney [text]Bill Clark, Arlina Avila-Clark, Angie Doctor, and Rob Witmer [music] and Doris Black(costumes), Patti Wilmot (makeup), and Dan Schuy (sets)]