Hey, look! Here is a downloadable brochure of many (but not all) of our touring offerings for now and the near future!
and HERE is a brochure with our exciting OUT OF THE BOX offerings


A theatrical event disguised as a family reunion. (Or is it the other way around?) Flamingos, watermelon balls, BBQ'd PEEPS, haiku and bubbles all surrounding a vintage Airstream, telling stories and redefining what it means to be 'family'.

PARK BENCH - taking an aural snapshot of a community all speaking on different facets of a common moment or topic. Indelible, invaluable and interesting, PARK BENCH asks you to take a minute, and talk with us. We'll tell the world.

An all-ages, all-terrain, site-specific theatrical adventure springing from Lewis Carroll's 'Alice' stories.

A park adventure for the whole family, these ADVENTURES fill in the 'holes' in the story of Owl & Pussycat and their journey

A look (inside and out!) at Myths and fairy tales - a very punny show for all ages (especialy good for schools)