A ZOMBIE ODYSSEY, IDES OF UNDEAD MARCH parts 1 & 2 of the Death of Brian trilogy

What is the BRIAN trilogy? 

It's an epic about the humanity of a zombie.
It's a unique blend of physical theater and radio drama.
It's a completely new perspective on the zombie era.
It's puppets, robots, philosophy, fights, blood, guts, sex, and dark laughs.

A Zombie Odyssey (episode one): 
A fatalityyyy . A wakening.  A hunger.

So begins newlyy-undead Brian Smith's epic journey to reunite with his wife. As he battles his way through an all-too-familiar landscape, getting shot, stripped, strangled, chewed, drugged, and electrocuted, the line between man and monster begins to blur…

Writer/performer Ricky Coates blends movement, voice, and music to create an unforgettable voyage that pits zombie vs. society to see who is the real monster.
Love zombies?  It’s got all the fights, sex, gore, and nerd references you crave.  
Hate zombies?  This unique combination of solo work and radio drama serves up humor, horror, and humanity-examining philosophy. 

OCT/NOV 2016 A ZOMBIE ODYSSEY  was part of the lineup of the Twin Cities Horror Festival in Minneapolis
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Ides of Undead March  (episode two): 
The zombie uprising meets ‘Julius Caesar.’ Brian Smith reappears as the Prophet of the Phoenix, spreading the Word of the Host along with the help of his hearse-driver herald, Eli. Unfortunately, this pilgrimage is proving dangerously infectious...  Ides of Undead March takes the story to the next level with all new theatrical inventions, action and surprises, as Brian and Eli learn true natures cannot be denied.

episode 3 AGAINST A RISEN SON  (episode three): 
The final act brings audiences to the bottom of the rabbit hole.  In a world where robotic drones war with zombie hordes, Penny Smith smuggles herself across a torn landscape, searching for the man who started it all, her husband.  In her hands, she carries the fate of zombies and humans alike.  

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what you get when you mash-up Homer's epic with Patient Zero

A ZOMBIE ODYSSEY - what you get when you mash-up Homer's epic with Patient Zero

Death of Brian 2: IDES

Death of Brian 2: IDES

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Some LOVE for A Zombie Odyssey:
"Ricky Coates is a bit of genius in a slick and muscled body"   Edmonton Journal
"An exceptionally well-performed, entertaining and grisly story"   seattleactor.com
"Coates prowls the stage like a cross between a Balanchine dancer and a feral animal  l'etoile Magazine
Compelling!” Orlando Sentinel
 I LOVED this show! A real tour-de-force... Fearless performance- fascinating, disgusting, touching and, ultimately, poeticaudience member in zombie-pubcrawling Minneapolis

Written and performed by
with many of Seattle’s finest voice actors
Directed by K Brian Neel
Sound design by Dan Yost
Beginning in May, at the Orlando Fringe Festival, creator Ricky Coates has been a dead man touring Fringe festivals from Florida to Canada to the Rockies. A graduate of University of Arizona, Ricky has been a simpleton since he played Kilroy in CAMINO REAL, and has toured with the company to Canada, Australia, and Orlando (site of the East Coast debut of The Death Of Brian, for which he received the Tech Award from the Orlando Fringe).
Director K. Brian Neel and co-founder/producer Llysa Holland also do double-duty by voicing the mad scientists. 

The Death of Brian is but PART 1 of a zombie trilogy - zombies crossed with The Odyssey.
(of course it's a story of many parts...)

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The Death of Brian: IDES OF UNDEAD MARCH