Trailer Tales: Urban Safari

Or, in Australia, known as CARAVAN CHRONICLES: Urban ReUnion.

An interactive site-specific performance art piece

Clamber into the '62 Airstream Safari, hang out at the bbq roasting Peeps(the confection- not your pals) and eavesdrop on ‘cousins’ gossiping and swapping travel adventures at a pseudo-traditional (and highly idiosyncratic) family reunion.
As you explore the customs of this sprawling, oddly familiar clan, you can add memories to the haiku laundry line, contribute story plates to the  picnic or share any stories you remember as you snag a snack and add to family lore.

Trailer Tales toured to Australia and translated itself to Caravan Chronicles: Urban ReUnion with an Australia- made vintage caravan, where is was the Public Art Event for the Adelaide Fringe in 2006, installing in 6 different communities for 2-3 days of interactions, including a kid's festival, on a beach esplanade, and the Museum of South Australia.

Please enjoy these awesome videos and slideshows. created in the US and Australia and filmed and edited by Erik Holsinger and Monique Kleinhans. (The mashup video edited by Andrew Litzky)
video descriptions:
top L - A 2-minutes mashup of highlights from US and Australian installations
top R - Adelaide, Australia - Kids Fringe Days 
middle L - Duvall, Washington
bottom L - a video with student narration of some of over 600 plate stories and haiku we collected in the 3 weeks. 

Each installation of Trailer Tales includes a Haiku Laundry Line and a table of Story Plates.  Audiences are encouraged, many are compelled, to share the flood of family memories that the project invokes.  On paper picnic plates they write longer stories, and on smaller plates, they become poets and write 17 syllable haikus; all of which gathers in volume over the course of the installation.  We have created installations in quiet neighborhoods, busy beaches, and with museums and children's festivals.(This clip is from the 3 weeks that Trailer Tales spent as the Public Art Component of the Adelaide Fringe, South Australia, 2007. Many thanks again to the Adelaide Fringe and the Adelaide City Council for their support)